Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Hey Guys, I know few of my writings sounds really stupid. Keeping that in mind, I named this blog with a title as "Stupidity". This blog as some random posters of my writings. I hope you like few of the below poster phrases.....So why late... go start reading... LGBT Clueless Guy.... Nutshell Girl... True Success....… Continue reading Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Life Lessons

Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Hey Readers,This blog is about some interesting random phrases on life which make us think and read them twice. I hope you will like them all. "Don't Die to Live, Live to Die with great memories in life".Travel, Meet new people, Make Memories and strike-off your bucket list. Know that,Eating Apple keeps one healthy.Never knew… Continue reading Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️