Life Lessons

Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Hey Readers,This blog is about some interesting random phrases on life which make us think and read them twice. I hope you will like them all. "Don't Die to Live, Live to Die with great memories in life".Travel, Meet new people, Make Memories and strike-off your bucket list. Know that,Eating Apple keeps one healthy.Never knew… Continue reading Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Love and breakup

Melting Emotions…🗻⛄

They are confused!!!!Does the heartbreak made him a beautiful poet, orThe poems he writes made his heartbreak beautiful...🤔The day he proposed to herShe: Don't joke in this kind of things.He: I swear on my mom. I am really serious about this.Fast forward.... a few months later!!!!He never taught he will be left as the joker for his entire life.🤡In a wait… Continue reading Melting Emotions…🗻⛄

Love and breakup

The Subtle Eternal Thing… 🙏

Ocean of Dreams,🌊Rock hard Trust,🏔Mindful of Memories;❣Faded by a one word "SORRY".😢From,Pulling her cheeks.To,Pulling her out of his heart.It's been,A solo war of his 😭Those were the days,His mobile used to be mortal with low battery.👍These were the days,His mobile is immortal with a full battery.👎Breakup didn't heart hurt him,But the way she avoided did… Continue reading The Subtle Eternal Thing… 🙏