శ్రీకర కవితలు

తపనపడే వాడికే తలనొప్పులు...తాపత్రయ పడే వాడికే తిప్పలు... తల వంచకు ఓ తమ్ముడా...తారవవుతవు తొందరలో.... 🎇✨ తుడిస్తే పోయే కన్నీళ్ళకేం తెలుసు, తలకిందుల ఈ జీవితపు విలువలు.😢తాగినోడికి ఆనందం, తాగనోడికి అయోమయం.😖 పారిపోతే పారిపోయేవి కావు ఈ కష్టాలు, 🏃ఎదురెల్తే ఎదురుకోలేవు ఆ కష్టాలు, నీకు నువ్వు గా పోరాడు,😎రేపటి రేపు నీకు రెక్కలిస్తుంది.🕊 పైసా లో పరమాత్మని చూసావా??🙏పైసానే పవర్ అంటున్నవా??💪పైసాకి తెలుసు ప్రాణం వరకే తన ప్రయాణం అని!! 👍పైసాకెేం తెలుసు ప్రపంచంలోని బంధాల… Continue reading శ్రీకర కవితలు

Love and breakup

Twilight Emotions 🌅🌇

She was his every day prayer.Before and after bed. Loving her deep made him a criminal.Her breakup was his forever punishment.Smiling lips upon became his signature,In the process of hiding dark burning heart below.Loving her, hating her were his silent violent wars.Asked her to be his last love,But, left him as his forever love.She was… Continue reading Twilight Emotions 🌅🌇

Life Lessons

Marriage!! Mandatory??👫

Hey Buddy,If I am not wrong you are here for 4 reasons, let me guess!!!!1. I forced you to read this by sharing link😅, or2. May be you are caught up with my title, or3. You might be eager to know as your next phase of life is few miles away, or4. You might be… Continue reading Marriage!! Mandatory??👫

Life Lessons

Women’s Day, for Independent Women? 🤔

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,This Blog of mine is dedicated to all the WOMEN reading this. Let me present you one of the conversations between me and my friends which I felt worth sharing....Friend 1: I want a “Working Women” as my Life-partner.Friend 2: I want a “Independent Women” as my Life-partner.Me: I want a “CAPABLE WOMEN” as my Life-partner.Friend 1 &… Continue reading Women’s Day, for Independent Women? 🤔

Life Skills

A century for a Personality Development Diary 📓🖋

Hey Readers,Are you confused with my title? You wanna ask what is the Personality Development Diary?You wanna say, "I heard about Personal Diary, but what's this Personality Development Diary"?It's a Diary as it sounds. You mean what!!!!!Yes!!!! This is a diary for your Personality Development. To make a better "YOU". To keep a track of… Continue reading A century for a Personality Development Diary 📓🖋

Life Lessons

Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Hey Readers,This blog is about some interesting random phrases on life which make us think and read them twice. I hope you will like them all. "Don't Die to Live, Live to Die with great memories in life".Travel, Meet new people, Make Memories and strike-off your bucket list. Know that,Eating Apple keeps one healthy.Never knew… Continue reading Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Love and breakup

Melting Emotions…🗻⛄

They are confused!!!!Does the heartbreak made him a beautiful poet, orThe poems he writes made his heartbreak beautiful...🤔The day he proposed to herShe: Don't joke in this kind of things.He: I swear on my mom. I am really serious about this.Fast forward.... a few months later!!!!He never taught he will be left as the joker for his entire life.🤡In a wait… Continue reading Melting Emotions…🗻⛄


Don’t Protect The Environment 🌲🌏

Hey Readers, "Save the Environment", "Save water", "Save Energy", "Stop Pollution", "Protect the Forests", Blah blah... These are some kind of random quotes or slogans we see in our daily life. I always get a doubt that "Are we protecting the environment or the environment protecting us??" Do you really think that a normal living being living in the billions of living beings can… Continue reading Don’t Protect The Environment 🌲🌏