About Me

Ambitious Boy With a Lazy Drawbacks, that’s what my dad always call me. Yes!!! This will be the title of my book, if I have to write an Autobiography.
Basically, every writer or author see the “About Me” space as a self bragging place. So, why not I take a privileg to start bragging about my self..if you don’t mind reading😅.

So let’s start with who Am I???
I am a tiny creature living in a giant world.
A crazy bron and so my life is.
Being always a life’s enthusiastic and admiring person.
Life has taught me many things
at unexpected places,
in unexpected times and
with unexpected ways.

This admiration, enthusiasm and in-built craziness made me explore many things….so let me present you few of my features…..

Yeah!!!! Yeah!!! I remember that I am of enough bragging😅. Some other feature of mine are I am a trained Stick fighter, Photoshop expert, Stock market trader, Single and mingle person😜. Rest, as all of you know I am blogger, writer & poet (with stupidity added). FYI, all these titles are been given to me, by me and myself😅.
Because, as per my observation, “you are only great unless or until, something or someone, great in the society, recognizes you as great”. This never happened with me till date😊. So can I say, “I am the savior of my own wonderful world”. Learning for me is like a unavoidable process. Who knows?? A simple person like me can become a well know person tomorrow.
So will keep updating as I explore more things about myself, because life has never let me sleep in peace😢. It always kicked my ass as hard as possible and taught me all these things.

Thanks for your patience. It means a lot to me, giving your valuable time.

With loads of love and craziness,