Life Lessons

Tears: The Unexpressed Emotions of A Man😢

From childhood……
We Boys are taught to be stronger.
…….. taught to support our families.
…….. taught to earn millions.
…….. taught to fulfill our parents dreams.
…… taught not to cry like a girl, when being a kid.
But Why????
Why Boys are being trained to be emotionless…!!!!

He was 5 yrs old.
Was his 1st day of school.
He was so pure like a water. Started crying on his 1st day of school.
Teacher told, “Rocky, Boys Don’t Cry“.
That’s the first time an essence of dark color added to his pure soul.

He was 12 yrs old. Got in 1st fight with his enemy friends. Got injured body and started crying.
A stranger passing through told, “Hey Kid, Boys Don’t Cry“.
His pure emotions got barren.

He was 18 yrs old. His 1st serious crush got into a relationship with someone.
Holding a beer, started crying out loud. His friends, “Come on Rocky!!! Boys Don’t Cry“.
His pure flow of love got squeezed off.

He was 25 yrs old. His committed love got broken.
Cried hard with a busted heart. Hiding head under his pillow with a warm tears rolling down. People said “Move on Rocky!!! Boys Don’t Cry“.
His true soul of commitment and pure form of love got broken.

He was 30 yrs old. A useless and jobless guy. Cried inside holding mouth tight with hands. Society told “Rocky!!! Boys Don’t Cry“.
He became a precursor of a mountain being in an idol state.

He was been raised always telling “Boys Don’t Cry“.
His suppressed feelingCondensed emotions
Made his flower like heart into a rock hard stone.

Then comes the society designating his whole gender a emotionless and feeling less thing.


Men do cry, when they see their mother in pain.
Men do cry when their father gets hurt.
Men do cry, when their sister’s eyes filled with tears.
Men do cry when their brother in problems.

Men do cry when they are judged about their job.
Men do cry when world pokes them about their future settlement.
Men do cry when their sister leaves home after her marriage.
Men do cry when they miss their mother living faraway.
Don’t train a Boy, saying “Boys Don’t Cry“.
Men aren’t robots, men are hearten creatures.

We are heartbroken, in those sleepless 2 am nights.
Silent cries,
sad songs,
pillow hugs…

Yes!!! Men do get break-down but not in-front of world…. Because we are born up saying “Boys Don’t Cry.

Facing the world,
with a smiling face and
damaged heart is not an easy thing.
Respect to all those strong souls and kudos to people saying “Boys Don’t Cry“.

Note: Do share one of your experiences as boy/man, when was the last time you cried. Because, sometimes it feels lite to the heart when we do share our feelings and emotions to someone.
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