Love and breakup

Unloved Love of a Lovable Love❤️💔

Those searching eyes….
Wishing heart…..
Burning soul….for her never changed.
Even after years of her breakup.

In a generation of fuck and forget.
He made love with a girl.
Unfortunately the girl got fucked and got away.

She was his slow poison….
piercing into the heart…
then through the soul….
She was an inevitable nightmare of his.

Her beautiful giggles,
were his future heart sobbing.
Her heart full talks,
were his heart panic reminders.

His colorful dreams of new life,
washed by a dawn of dark words
“I am not interested now”.

Song that caught them together on their first meet,
started haunting him with a bitter memories from the day she left along with his heart.

His love for her.. Jabbed him for every breath of his.

They called him a play boy.
But deep down there was a girl,
who broke his emotions in a every possible unique way.

His heart..
When its clumsy and cracked…
Made it beat in sync with her’s
Made it beautiful giving a life…
And, just vanished…
But the promises she made…
Beliefs she gave…
Memories they had…
Now surrounds making him clueless…

Sometimes people say men are heartless. Every man needs sex. All men are same. But who told you to try them all. Have you ever met a true soul who can fight the world to get back to you. Do you know how hard he can fight for you to give his love??. Then have a look… how he finds a way…

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