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Silent Murder: The best way of killing a person☠🔪

Hey My Amazing Reader,
This blog of mine gonna be either a controversial or appreciative one. Because, I am going to share one of the most cruel and safest form of killing a person alive. So, for this all you have to do few things as below:
> Make an unexpected entry to a persons life.
> Start making them happy as much as possible you can. Be funny and crazy.
> Become a part of their lifestyle. Keep talking day and night even at your busy schedules.
> Make sure you are the biggest activity in their daily life.
> Try meeting them as many times as possible to make them feel they are your top priorities. Become a close friend.
> Keep sharing them everything about your good and bad experiences, interests, opinions, wishes, dreams, goals, fantasizes and everything
> Let the other person also open up with all their personals things, worries, problems, emotional issues. Support them in all their up’s and down’s. Become a best friend.
> Make them believe as you are their strength.
> Keep sharing every small emotions, fights, compromises, commitments, promises.
** Now you have reached a place where the other person has already developed some special emotion for you.**
> Introduce him/her to your close friends, family, official people as if he/she is your special person of life.
> Bring them out of their shell. Give them a belief that he/she is the most beautiful person’s you have ever met on this earth.
> Start talking about love, career, family, goals. Keep sharing the most important decisions you take in life.
> By now the person completely starts believing you, loving you and caring you. You are their complete world. Become their soulmate.
** Now the ball is in your court. It’s your time to switch. Start taking the advantage of this.**
> Start ignoring them as a insect. Find a new friend from now and start talking with your new friend. Behave like a stranger.
> Post pics on social media with that new friend as happy as you can. Keep comments section flirty with the opposite gender.
> When they start sharing their feeling and emotions with you, just try ignoring them as a stranger or cut the call suddenly.
> By now they will gradually come to know what exactly you wanna convey them.
> Now your silence and ignorance towards them start impulsing their heart more painful than a heart attack.
> Their brain starts getting nightmares the most horrible it can, hands gets shivered when they remember about you.
> Now they start getting fed up of crying for you every second they did, they get fed up of trying to reach you and explain everything but couldn’t, they get fed up of trying to fix the things out if given a last chance.
> Every day they start living a life as their last breath.
> This heavy sudden panic in their life is strong enough to shutter their life time living.
> Finally a day comes that we reach our mission gets accomplished as the title sounds “Silent Murder“.

But have you ever gave a thought of how that person’s life would go on??
Do you know how a person lives when all his/her emotions, beliefs, faiths, trusts, love, feeling are broken all of sudden by someone who are their world once upon a time.
Don’t you feel regret doing this with them when you don’t have any intention of making commitments??
Don’t you think about the pain they go through the day you show your real hidden cunning fox face.
Don’t you adore them for their values for “promises”, “compromises”, and “commitments”.
Don’t you think from the other person’s perspective how importance they have you in their life.

How fare it is to do that with such a loyal person. Do you think you can escape from “KARMA” after doing all these things? Do you think you can never fall into any of these traps? Come on bro!!! life is hilarious and hindering. Wait for your turn to take a strongest blow for a life time. I am pretty sure this gonna be 100 times more painful than that you have given to that loyal one’s. So get prepared mentally!!!!!
Pray that your “Karma” effect only you not your innocent kids. Because, I remember once a swami ji told, “sometimes our karma can also effect our children too”. Please, don’t let karma do this with your kids for the stupid sins you have made. They are innocent enough to bare that heavy pain. He also told that, “if a person cries for you it can’t be your mistake, but if a person cries because of you then it’s a big sin”.

“Karma is a Bitch. It comes at an unexpected place, in an unexpected time and with an unexpected way”.
Note: This blog has been inspired from random answers from Quora website. Not copied, but improvised. Don’t take it as offended. Try thinking from my perspective if you don’t mind. Don’t make it controversial if you don’t like kindly ignore it. Do share your opinions in the comments section below. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.