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Hey Reader,
If I am not wrong, 1 out of 2 people have come here to know what this blog about after seeing the Caps words SEX in the middle. But, yes… it is one of the elements which I am going to discuss with you in this blog.

As per my observation,”every person at a certain phase of life, will sure thriving for one of these 3 elements, sometimes two, sometimes all three too“.
If you agree with me give me a Hi-Five 🙋
But, why do we fall into one of these traps???
Because, world revolves around these three elements bro!!! Think!!!!
Let’s try to analyze how each element as its own way of effect on us and why do they effect us.

Basically, people thrive for love when they feel lonely (not alone). When human feels lonely, they wish they have someone to spend time with, they wish they have someone who can hear them with patience, they wish they have someone to take care of them, they wish they have someone to keep cuddling with, they wish they have someone of theirs only.

Having someone who is completely your and only yours is a great feeling.
Because, the emotion of love is so powerful enough that either it can make a person very strong or it can break a person into agony.

Loving someone is like a heart to heart promise saying that “I will never let you down alone and will be on your side fighting for you and with your problems along with you“.

People say love needs matured age to get into it. But, what if I say how a 2 years old daughter love her dad without even knowing the world. Does she have to wait until her mid 20’s to start loving her dad? I don’t think so!!!

Love is a pure emotion between 2 hearts rather than 2 bodies. Sometimes, it happens in one, sometimes happens in two, if they are lucky enough.
Love is not always a 2 way emotional exchange. Sometimes, its pure enough to be unconditional. If not, why would our grandparents shower tons of love just after we are born even though we not their direct kids?
Love is a constant process of building bonds between 2 hearts. It’s not always you feel butterflies in your tummy, its not the time get halted and everything starts moving slow, its not the birds start singing for you, its not that romantic as it tastes in the books and novels.

Your love is beyond your imagination. It’s infinite and ultimate don’t get rushed in search of a partner and get settled with a wrong one.

Remember that, “The love which you are searching for is also searching for you“. Wait for that magical moment to unite you for a lifetime!!! They will love you from your pimple to the wrinkles. Be with that beautiful soul.

SEX 👫♀♂
Yeah!!! Yeah!!! I know someone of you were very eager to read this. If I am not wrong!!! you might have also skipped the love element to read this. 😅
But, nothing wrong!!!! Because, people say sex always excites us😉

This is one of the most powerful elements which every living thing craves for. People crave for sex because of the natural hormonal boost. At a certain phase of human life, everyone starts craving for this elements to the peaks because of those hormonal boost.

I remember when an interviewer asked the Ratan Tata (Founder of India’s leading company Tata groups pvt. ltd.), “What excites you the most?“. His reply was like, “how can I tell you publicly about it“. 😜
Keeping jokes apart, it is said that this one of the most precious emotion only human brain can feel and sense.
It is also said that, “Sex is the ultimate expression of love“. That doesn’t need to include all the stuff which we see in movies and read in novels. It can also be a warm hug from the loved one’s, can be a small talk between to souls, can be a small forehead kiss, can be a long walk with a holding hands together.
Though people see it as a taboo in many parts of the world, this has to be accepted at some point. Because, sex is not just a play or need. It’s a pure form of soul transmission which can only be felt once you are true enough.
Be cautious with the difference between lusty sex to the lovely sex. Because, there are many boys and girls who use sex in the name of love, which later hurts loyal one’s for a life time.

Money takes first place of all the 3 elements which rules the present world.
People say money is power, money is value, money can buy anything, money is everything.

But, dude if this is same in your case, then you are in a wrong company. There are many things which are out reach of the money.
Yeah, I can agree at some point that, money is not everything, but everything needs money.
Having money in limits gives you happiness and satisfaction. But, having money in excess gives you luxuries and emptiness in life.

If money is everything, why do our parents support us even though we don’t earn??
If money is everything, why do some friends always spend time with us even though we are not rich enough??
If money is everything, why do god help you even though you don’t pay anything in return??

But, money is the element which many people thrive to have in their life, rather than love and sex. Because, it directly or indirectly rules & runs the world. People value you depending on the amount of money you possess. Society judge your success depending on the amount of luxuries you showoff. Make your thirst for money in a planned and genuine way. Make a note that, “Money which earned faster is also lost faster”. Don’t become a slave for money, rather make it your slave.
Make the money compound for you. Let the money work for you, it’s children and their children and their children work for you. Money earned without a proper wisdom will always attracts unexpected problems in life. So, earn every single penny in a way it attracts good wealth.

Don’t save the money, instead learn the art of spending money in a right way. Your goal shouldn’t be earning money, rather it should be living life the way you dreamed off” said in the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I remember once money told me that, “If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow“.

Note: This blog is written only from my point of you. Feel free to advise me if you think I am wrong at any point written above.
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