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Women’s Day, for Independent Women? 🤔

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
This Blog of mine is dedicated to all the WOMEN reading this.
Let me present you one of the conversations between me and my friends which I felt worth sharing….
Friend 1: I want a “Working Women” as my Life-partner.
Friend 2: I want a “Independent Women” as my Life-partner.
Me: I want a “CAPABLE WOMEN” as my Life-partner.
Friend 1 & 2: What??!!
Me: When a WOMEN can replace “Independence” with “Capability”, then she is no longer a WOMEN, She is a true MAN of MEN with no gender significance and differences.

Certainly, Women should try to be “CAPABLE” rather than being “INDEPENDENT”. If you want to know the difference, initiate the change from inner YOU. When you feel it, thank me with a smile on your lips and blush on your cheeks 😊

To make it more clear… lets take the example of SHIVAGAMI from the epic movie BAHUBALI.….

Shivagami…. 😍 Such a ferocious character she is!!! She is a great administrator, warrior mother, rich lady, lioness queen, what not??? But, had a handicapped husband. Shivagami being that powerful, can stay as independent leaving all the flaws around her. But, she choose to take all the responsibilities and stand for her family and kingdom, which made her character so powerful. This is what every women should adopt in their lives. That’s how many great woMEN from our history are been praised as Goddess.

Remember!!! A woMEN being “Capable”, is no longer a WOMEN. She is a true MAN of MEN
(read note below in the end) with no gender significance and difference.

Hope you loved reading my blog.
Happy Women’s Day to all the Capable Women who read this. Sorry!!! you Independent Women 🙏
Boys and Men, share this to all the capable women as a Women’s Day gift, who you feel worth reading.

Note: This blog is written only from my point of view. Let me know if you feel wrong with any points of mine. Do follow, share and like my blog. Your little appreciation will let me produce more honest and quality information.
As many women are stressing out about the “Man of Men” statement, to make it clear, as per dictionary Man is the used to represent a particular human species who is being capable regardless of his/her gender.

6 thoughts on “Women’s Day, for Independent Women? 🤔”

    1. Thank you for your appreciation @dpranita583. Do read my previous blogs for many interesting things. Also, follow my blog to stay updated 🙂


  1. I love your post and very true. It is more about being capable of doing things and having the same opportunities as a man but still always celebrating being a woman. It isn’t about being a “man of men”! Great post xx

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  2. Women no need to be compared with men or do like a man. They themselves are need to be indemnified as valued that’s all it is about.

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    1. Yeah, I agree with you😊. To make it clear, I used men because, as per dictinory man is used to define a particular member of human species who is being capable regardless of his/her gender😅 Thanks for your support and do follow my blog to keep updated.


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