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A century for a Personality Development Diary 📓🖋

Hey Readers,
Are you confused with my title?
You wanna ask what is the Personality Development Diary?
You wanna say, “I heard about Personal Diary, but what’s this Personality Development Diary“?

It’s a Diary as it sounds. You mean what!!!!!

Yes!!!! This is a diary for your Personality Development. To make a better “YOU”. To keep a track of growing “YOU”.

But how do we gonna write/maintain this diary? Here we go……

Basically, many of us have heard about the personal diary right??
Personal diary: It’s a place we were taught to write all our personal things. Good and bad aspects of our life which are very very personal to you and only you. But, we end up writing a personal diary because of our privacy policies.😜
To be honest, I faced the same in my life. Even after writing it, I saw my life going nowhere, except building my insecurities. Finally, I stopped writing it.
So, how do we make it useful for ourselves without any privacy issues, insecurities & fear of others reading it??

Here is my blog about the Personality Development Diary 📓
In this 21st century of busy lives, “thinking smart doesn’t bring you success, all you need is to act smart”. Am I right??

Writing a Personality Development Diary should be a growth booster. It should act as an adhesive to reach your targets in life, tracking it every day.

So, what all should we include in our Personal Development Diary?

It should include things like Your Strengths, Your Weaknesses, Your annual/ monthly/ weekly goals, Your life lessons, Your learnings like new terminology, Your valuable thoughts, etc. Once you start writing these things gradually you will understand the power of writing a diary. Here I would like to share few pages of my diary have a quick glance… below is the quotes part of my dairy which life taught me…..

Life lessons in my own words
As it is said, “Knowing your strengths and weakness is the first milestone of your success”.
Small things that give big returns in the long run
New terminology for better writing skills
Monthly goals are much powerful than Yearly goals

Hope you got some idea about the personality development diary. Every day before you sleep it should be your quotidian thing you go through your diary. You should read it thoroughly like what are your goals, what are the weakness that you have to work on, read all your motivational quotes to get some confidence, etc.. but do read it every day and keep updating whenever needed.

Now say, isn’t it a very simple thing to make it as our lifestyle??
Do you feel its fun writing a personality development diary for yourself??
Isn’t it the best way to get out of our privacy issues, insecurities and fear of others reading it??
Would you like to have one??
Why late!!!!
Go… give it an amazing kick start for a better “YOU”.

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