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Social Media for a better "YOU" đŸ‘ˆ

Hey Readers,

I know most of us waste hours of time on surfing Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, etc… right?? After, sometime we do realize that ” OMG!!! I have wasted a lot of time on this…oops!!!!”. I think this is the exact scenario happens with most of us many times.

Yeah, even I was one of the victims of social media. I too have regretted many times about this. But, it’s been really hard to get out of this addiction. So, here I have come up with a new solution where we can make use of social media completely (i.e I don’t say 100%, but I am sure this will help you out by the end).

Let me start with my own story, I used to surf Facebook every minute when I get free time. I always used to peep into everyone’s profile, what’s happening in their life, compare my values, thrives for their kind of lifestyle, and used to waste a lot of hours which indirectly crushed my own personality.

To say goodbye for this, first I have unfollowed (not unfriend) all the friends who do stupid post regularly on Facebook. Then I followed and liked the pages which I felt are useful for me like environmental related pages, book writers, creative pages and all.

Then I uninstalled the facebook app from my mobile so that I don’t waste any time on Facebook. Initially, it’s not easy to get rid of it. But, gradually I did. How?? Whenever I had an urge to use Facebook I open it using mobile Google browser. But as it is a long process I kept being lazy and finally I am done. My addiction was gradually gone. So what if we feel to post pics on social media and all? I too have the best solution for it.

As everyone is eager to upload pics on Social Media, I would suggest starting Instagram. There I followed very few friends of mine. But, I kept following only the things which I needed like Stock Market pages, Book Writers, Environmental related pages, Powerful Quotes pages, and all which I feel can push my caliber. So, whenever I wanna upload some pics I do upload it on Facebook through an Instagram account.

I can also give you 1 best advise that, replace Facebook with the knowledge hub website Quora. I think Quora is 99% better than Facebook. Even though Quora also contains some scrap but still its better than Facebook.

So these are a few things where one can make Social Media useful. Next time, when you open your Social Media your eyes will be caught up with the golden info rather than senseless selfies of others like in Facebook.

Remember that, “Don’t use Social Media to IMPRESS people, rather use it to IMPACT people”. I do believe it and strongly follow it.