Love and breakup

The Subtle Eternal Thing… 🙏

Ocean of Dreams,🌊
Rock hard Trust,🏔
Mindful of Memories;❣
Faded by a one word “SORRY“.😢

Pulling her cheeks.
Pulling her out of his heart.
It’s been,
A solo war of his 😭

Those were the days,
His mobile used to be mortal with low battery.👍
These were the days,
His mobile is immortal with a full battery.👎

Breakup didn’t heart hurt him,
But the way she avoided did 😢

He understood the real meaning of “TEARS“, from the day she started “Tearing his Heart“. 😢💔

In the war of “Life” & “Death” I choose to “Die”. But a new born me fell in “Love” with “ME”. 😎

After his breakup:
Someone asked him ” What is your favorite color?”
He replied ” Black
They asked WHY??
He said “It reflects my heart

Somethings are beyond our words and emotions. They are simply entitled as “ETERNAL“.