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Small Things that Matters BIG…..🤔

Hello Readers,

In this blog, I am gonna tell you completely different stuff which we don’t even feel matters but “they do”. To make it simple and precise I will list out only top 5. So here we go….

1. SHOE you wear
Yup!!! I hope most of us already know this small thing. The shoe we wear is the first thing people notice in you/anyone else. So always have a good pair of shoe which doesn’t lower your quality and judged less. So mind your SHOE 😛

2. PEN you use…
This is one of the most important things which I wanna stress out with bold letters. People will have an instant feeling of wow….!!! depending upon the pen you use in front of them. Take the example of Amitabh BacchanSachin Tendulkar, Ratan TataMukesh Ambani, Chota Bheem (Rahul Gandhi) 😉 ..etc. they don’t use cheap 5rupee pens. That’s what matters BIG. I hope you got it why I stressed this out.😜 Let’s have a look cheap pens vs Branded pensCheap pens

Cheap Pens

Branded Pens

Now you decide which pen you gonna use when people are around you…😎.

3. The time you reach: 
Make great and successful people do judge you based on the way you value the time. When you are having an appointment or meeting with someone, pls be 15mins before the time. This defines a lot about you to the other person. Let the other person be in-time or not but you should always be punctual. This will have a great influence on you and people around in a long run. “The trouble of being punctual is that no one appreciates it, but that’s the small thing which kicks your ass into that 1 %”

4. Make your bed
Ufff….. I think I can write a book on this small 3 words. This should be the first task completed before you start your day. Recently, I have read a book named “Make your Bed” by William Mc. Raven. This book is so beautiful which tells how these small things can bring a big difference in your life and maybe the world. Here I am sharing few lines from that book “Nothing can replace the strength and comfort of one’s faith, but sometimes the simple act of making your bed can give you the lift you need to start your day and provide you the satisfaction to end it right”. Do read this book for sure… give you opinion later in comments sessions 🙂

5. Thank You and Sorry
Say it aloud 3 times…. See how polite it feels too self. This 2 wonderful words can influence a person so much. These are the 2 words which do costs zero rupees. Sometimes saying Thank you and Sorry can make someone’s day. This sweet gesture can make our enemies to friends in seconds. This polite gesture brings great respect on you. This differentiates YOU from people around.

SORRY for not reaching your expectations :(THANK YOU for Reading 😜 Last but not least, do plant a tree and educate others about the importance of protecting the environment. I bet you if you can do this you can sure change the world😇