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5 Simple Effective Habits to Build

When I read about habits. I remember a quote that “ when you practice it for 21 days, it will be your habit. When you follow it for 92 days, it will be your lifestyle”.Let me tell really 5 interesting habits that will change your life within a span of 6 months. These are not the same kind of boring stuff that most of them have told you over here… Here we goooo…..

  1. Reading Books: Yes!!!! This will change your life as you never expected that you would be in the future. Reading book will have a great effect both on your character and personality too. Yeah, it’s true. Once you start reading books you can sense so many changes in the way you talk, the way you think, the way you convey your message, the way you see the world,… what not… this will bring out the unknown you to the world. All you need is to have consistency and persistence to read books. As I remember author George R.R. Martin said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”.

2. Writing Diary (not a personal diary): Hold on bro!!! This is not the same diary writing where our elders used to insist during our childhood. Not the one you are thinking as a personal diary, but its personality development diary. Bro!!! This is the 21st century, “thinking smart doesn’t bring you success, all you need is to act smart”. Writing Diary should include things like Your Strengths, Your Weaknesses, Your annual, monthly, weekly goals, Your learned life lessons, Your learnings like new terminology, Your valuable thoughts, etc. Once you start writing these things gradually you will understand the power of writing a diary. Here I would like to share 1 page of my diary have a look at it… this is the quotes part… Note: in this, most of them are my life lessons not copied 🙂

3. 10 minutes of personal time: If you ask me this should be the most prior thing one should have in their life. Because this is the only time you spend time with an inner YOU. Spend at least a minimum of 10 minutes with your self walking on your terrace or somewhere you can feel the natural air. During this time, start thinking about your present first like I am in the right track of my life, What is my goal…wait not I would rather wanna replace it with a purpose. Question your self that what is my purpose. Gradually, you once you get connected with iñner you. You will understand what are all you should talk to urself. Because it is said that… “You are the reflection of your thoughts”. “Whatever you think daily, you will be the product of it in future”.

4. Spending time with your elders: Spending time with your elders it may be your seniors, parents, grandparents, whoever it may be. They will make you think matured enough than your age group. Sharing your thoughts and taking advise will always give you a new exposure to life. This kind of productive time will teach you a lot. It is said that “Enjoy life like a kid, but think like an old”. Our elders are the best guides. So always try to spend time with the people who are older than you. Off all, spend as much as possible time with your parents, so that you won’t regret it later. I hope you understand what I mean to say 🙂

5. Watching TED videos: Yes!! I say watch TED videos because this is not for any motivation for life. But they let you think about a particular aspect of life from a different angle. They will show you what are the easy steps to reach a particular goal. There are many categories of TED videos. Each one is having their own message. Here are some of my favorite once… click the link below…

TED – YouTube

Do follow things simple steps……😉